Frozen Product Logistics Platform

IFS logistic certified company

The new platform for storage and distribution of food products at a controlled temperature is located in Taglio di Po (Ro), in the industrial area east of SS 309 Romea, between Via Avogadro and Via del Lavoro, a specific area devoted to new production settlements.
The storage consists in two low-temperature rooms (minimum up to -28 °) with total capacity of about 2,000 pallets, with different areas for storage, picking and goods transit. The two different warehouses are connected by a 0-4 degrees anteroom, open on one side at four points, which are the 4 docks to load/unload frozen goods.
The whole structure has been created ensuring the most advanced regulatory standards; being the whole location within the Po Delta Regional Park, it was paid particular attention to the environment by equipping the roof of both cells with photovoltaic system and by opting for energy-efficient certified systems for lighting, refrigeration and heating; for the latter there is also the possibility of powering it by recovering the heat emitted by the cooling system of the cold rooms. In terms of layout and organisation, the new principles regarding the logistics are fully applied: the use of a modern hardware – software logistics system allows Bierreti to plan, organise and monitor all movement activities and transport; the traceability allows to keep the situation of goods up to date and to cut down the error rates. Thanks to this system, customers can rely on outsourcing to a single logistics operator who ensures both storage and transport. This shows, moreover, both the desire to invest in innovation and the attention to the containment of costs and time, always without changing the quality of the services offered.
The direction of operations is carried out in the offices built adjacent to the cold rooms where, among all activities, there is also the possibility to manage all the paper work, allowing the customer to take care only of the buying-selling part and not of the bureaucratic–administrative one.
The company, with its strong experience gained in the past ten years, has the goal of increasing its position in the European market of refrigerated food transport and become a reference point for the storage, preservation and handling of the same products. Bierreti aims therefore to widening the range of the offer provided in order to meet the current customers’ increasing demands of services, expanding also the attractiveness towards new potential business partners.

All frozen goods are placed inside the “compattabile” warehouse (rail mobile shelving systems). Thanks to the traceability and the HACCP systems, as well as to the newest hardware-software logistics system, you can always get the updated situation of your goods, minimize the error rate, and therefore rely solely on one logistic operator that can ensure you both storage and transport. In the wide area of North East of Italy (Venice, Ferrara, Ravenna) Bierreti storage platform is really unique. The nearest cold storages used by most of the local companies are located in the area of Modena and Verona: this means higher costs for them and longer time for the availability of their goods. The fact that Bierreti offers every service to store frozen products allows all the customers to have less internal costs; the customers can get the conditions of their stocks and the state of their products (i.e. temperature) in real time, they can ensure the maintenance of the cold chain without using their own space and human resources, and require the goods when needed through the network of road transport by Bierreti, that guarantees the deliver in a very short time.

Differentiation: all-round picking solutions
Bierreti deals also with all-round picking activity in order to differentiate from the current activity and provide all its customers with an additional service. That is, in addition to the traditional activity of handling and moving the stored goods of various customers, the company intends to carry out, through its network of refrigerator vehicles also of small sizes, even deliveries for immediate production needs of customers who operate the transformation of the product.

Why, then, choose BiERRETi?

Because Bierreti is able to provide a all-round quality service
  • Transport of goods
  • Unloading of the goods, even if their arrival is by container
  • Warehouse storage in cold rooms
  • Movement and arrangement of products as required by the customer
  • Delivery to the customer of what is needed for production or for internal stock and unit measure represented NOT by pallets but rather by boxes.
  • Fulfilment of all the paper work requirements (transport documents, HACCP doc, traceability, etc.)
  • Safe delivery of the finished product at the destinations indicated by the customer