Frozen Product Logistics Platform

All frozen goods are placed inside the “compattabile” warehouse (rail mobile shelving systems). Thanks to the traceability and the HACCP systems, as well as to the newest hardware-software logistics system, you can always get the updated situation of your goods, minimize the error rate, and therefore rely solely on one logistic operator that can ensure you both storage and transport. In the wide area of North East of Italy (Venice, Ferrara, Ravenna) Bierreti storage platform is really unique. The nearest cold storages used by most of the local companies are located in the area of Modena and Verona: this means higher costs for them and longer time for the availability of their goods. The fact that Bierreti offers every service to store frozen products allows all the customers to have less internal costs; the customers can get the conditions of their stocks and the state of their products (i.e. temperature) in real time, they can ensure the maintenance of the cold chain without using their own space and human resources, and require the goods when needed through the network of road transport by Bierreti, that guarantees the deliver in a very short time.

Differentiation: all-round picking solutions
Bierreti deals also with all-round picking activity in order to differentiate from the current activity and provide all its customers with an additional service. That is, in addition to the traditional activity of handling and moving the stored goods of various customers, the company intends to carry out, through its network of refrigerator vehicles also of small sizes, even deliveries for immediate production needs of customers who operate the transformation of the product.

Why, then, choose BiERRETi?

Because Bierreti is able to provide a all-round quality service
  • Transport of goods
  • Unloading of the goods, even if their arrival is by container
  • Warehouse storage in cold rooms
  • Movement and arrangement of products as required by the customer
  • Delivery to the customer of what is needed for production or for internal stock and unit measure represented NOT by pallets but rather by boxes.
  • Fulfilment of all the paper work requirements (transport documents, HACCP doc, traceability, etc.)
  • Safe delivery of the finished product at the destinations indicated by the customer