IFS logistics certified company

The platform for the storage and distribution of temperature-controlled food products is located in Taglio di Po (Ro), in the artisan area east of the Romea state road, between Via Avogadro and Via del Lavoro, where the area destined for new production facilities. The platform consists of three low-temperature cells (minimum down to -28°) with a total capacity of around 2,000 pallet places, with differentiated areas for storage, picking and transit. The two warehouses are connected by an anteroom 0-4 degrees open on one side in four points to allow the installation of the goods loading/unloading points. The structures have been built in compliance with the most advanced regulatory standards and particular attention has been paid to the environment, also given the position of the structure within the Po Delta Regional Park. In fact, the company has decided to equip itself with photovoltaic on the roof of both cells, to turn to certified lighting, refrigeration and heating systems with low energy consumption and, for the latter, the possibility of feeding it by recovering the heat emitted by the cooling system of the cold rooms. In terms of layout and organization, modern hardware and software are used for logistics, transport and traceability which allow you to always have the situation of the goods updated, reduce the percentage of errors, allowing customers to rely on outsourcing to a the only logistics operator who can thus guarantee both storage and transport. Furthermore, this demonstrates both the company's willingness to invest in innovation and its attention to cost and time containment while leaving the quality of the services offered unchanged. Operations management is carried out inside the offices built adjacent to the cold rooms.
The company, building on the experience gained over the past ten years, sets itself the goal of increasing its positioning in the European market for the transport of refrigerated food products and of becoming a point of reference for the storage, conservation and handling of the same products therefore widening the range of the proposed offer, in order to satisfy the increasingly broader requests for services of current customers, increasing the attractiveness towards new possible commercial partners.

Product quality and safety policy

The structure owned by the BIERRETI Srl company located in via Maestri del Lavoro 820, Taglio di Po (RO) specializes in the storage of packaged frozen food products: fish, of vegetable origin, frozen fruit, frozen bread. In order to constantly pursue customer satisfaction and loyalty, the facility has developed a quality and food safety management system that complies with the IFS – Logistics Standard. The organization has always operated in compliance with current legislation, responsibly applying the HACCP system in order to obtain the best performance in terms of food safety. The company management demonstrates its commitment with investments in the workplace and in the constant search for innovative systems for registering, controlling and managing temperatures, thus increasing performance in terms of service quality.
The values that underpin the organization's daily commitment are:
  • Compliance with all applicable requirements relating to our activities, whether dictated by mandatory legislation or by IFS voluntary standards, which represents a duty for all those who collaborate with the organization;
  • The safety of the transported product is an essential value for our activities;
  • The customer is our wealth and we always pursue his full satisfaction;
  • Employees are our assets: involvement and participation are essential values for the creation of added value in the areas of Quality, Environment, Food Product Safety and Occupational Health and Safety;
  • Sustainability and responsibility towards the environment are an integral part of every company choice;
  • We pursue continuous improvement.

Objectives for product quality and safety
The Management, in the light of the above, has set concrete and achievable objectives:
  • Guarantee a punctual and safe logistics service to the customer;
  • Strictly apply the current legislation on food safety;
  • Satisfy customer expectations;
  • Carry out and supply the storage in compliance with the customer's requests and with the provisions of the regional, national, community regulations in force and applicable technical standards;
  • Instruct, educate and train personnel, promote involvement actions, to have an active participation in aspects related to Quality, Environment, Food Product Safety and Occupational Health and Safety;
  • Ensure the efficiency of the infrastructure through periodic maintenance and control plans;
  • Define improvement programs designed to achieve the objectives set by the organization;
  • Implement a Food Protection Plan (FOOD-DEFENSE) with the aim of identifying, mitigating and monitoring possible intentional sources of product contamination;
  • Promotion of environmental protection and the prudent use of resources;
  • Correctly apply the obligations required by current legislation on safety in the workplace.

The maintenance of the Quality and Food Safety Management System is ensured by periodic internal audits and checks carried out by accredited external certification bodies; its effectiveness is guaranteed by the annual analysis of data deriving from the performance obtained by the organization.
The objectives and commitments undertaken by the Company are constantly disseminated by the QUALITY and IFS Manager (RQ) through periodic communications/meetings to all operating personnel.
The Management undertakes to identify and assign the means and resources necessary for this policy to be adequately disseminated, understood and applied, always providing its support at all company levels for the achievement of this objective. The company policy is verified during the management review phase to confirm consistency with the goals, perspectives and strategies of the Management.