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BiERRETi Srl, born from decades of experience in transport of its founders Bonato Robertino, Ripepi Carlino and Ripepi Maximiliano, is today a young and dynamic company that operates with professionalism and expertise throughout the country and abroad with highly qualified staff, becoming a main partner for leading companies. The continuing growth of our organisation and the need to provide logistics services of the cold even better, have pushed the direction towards ambitious investments.


Specialised in temperature-controlled transport

BiERRETi Srl is specialised in temperature-controlled transport of food products such as fish and vegetables, fresh, frozen, chilled and marinated. BiERRETi Srl is specialised in temperature-controlled transport of food products such as fish and vegetables, fresh, frozen, chilled and marinated. BiERRETi Srl provides its customers with full load and groupage, reaching with equal punctuality and accuracy all the Italian and European territory without ever interrupting the cold chain. The platform of Porto Viro, equipped with loading docks, electric and manual forklifts, forklift trucks, warehouse and cold room with a maintenance of the cold up to 0 °, is an extra guarantee for the customer, as it offers at any time period and any season flexibility and dynamism; the continuous and constant updates of the managers and the drivers guarantee a high degree of organisational efficiency in addition to the quality in the execution of transport.

BiERRETi Srl pays particular attention to the maintenance and the control of each vehicle used for the activity, as a careful monitoring of the refrigeration systems is essential to guarantee to the customer a proper maintenance of the cold chain. Each vehicle is equipped with:

  • Modern equipment;
  • Monitor display and thermal recorder to detect the temperature in the loading compartment (with related temperature record printing);
  • Doors opening/closing sensors and trailer unhooking sensors;
  • Every vehicle is equipped with GPS tracking devices that allow BiERRETi Srl customers, with a password, to check the localisation of the vehicle and monitor the temperature of the goods transported;

Also, there is a constant care in ensuring the standards required by the HACCP system. In this sense, the company actions are aimed at:

  • Sanitising the vehicles and equipment with specific products;
  • Not admitting promiscuity among the products;
  • Ensuring a correct handling of the goods;
  • A correct set-up and operation of the thermal refrigerating systems during the operations of loading/unloading and transport;
  • Programming and checking at the beginning and the end of each trip;
  • Attributing great importance to safety at work through also the appointment of an internal reference ir order to follow the issue as a team, with the figures set out by the regulations (eg: external workers' health and safety representative, prevention and protection service manager);
  • Actively engaging the staff to participating to internal training courses and updating, as well as fulfilling the obligations required by the law;

Computer on Board

Over 10 years of experience in the Cold logistics.

Remote Management

Position and temperature always under control.

Vehicle Fleet

Currently we have about 40 Road Tractors, 80 semi-trailers, 4 Trucks, 1 Fiat Daily. Also we rely on the cooperation of owner-drivers/tractors.
The totality of the refrigerator vehicles are equipped with room divider for the transport of products in dual temperature, hydraulic lift and transpallet.

Logistic and storage
platform of frozen goods

The new platform for storage and distribution of food products at a controlled temperature is located in Taglio di Po (Ro), in the industrial area east of SS 309 Romea, between Via Avogadro and Via del Lavoro, a specific area devoted to new production settlements.
The storage consists in two low-temperature rooms (minimum up to -28 °) with total capacity of about 2,000 pallets, with different areas for storage, picking and goods transit. The two different warehouses are connected by a 0-4 degrees anteroom, open on one side at four points, which are the 4 docks to load/unload frozen goods.
The whole structure has...Learn More

Extension of the logistic and storage platform

Bierreti’s desire is to continue to expand its presence in the market of frozen goods services, together with the ones provided for the fresh goods; in this direction Bierreti is realising a third cold storage room, which will have a capacity of 1350 pallets in total, in order to expand the existing building in via Maestri del Lavoro 820 a Taglio di Po (Ro). The third cold storage room will have the same technical and structural characteristic of the two existing ones.


throughout Italy and many European countries.

BiERRETi Srl offers its services in some European countries and throughout the Italian territory, together with the logistics operations carried out in the existing platform of Porto Viro (RO). Currently the activity is performed for 50% in Northern Italy, 15% in Central-southern Italy and Sardinia, and 35% from/to: England, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, France, Austria and Germany, Slovakia, Greece.


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  • Registered office:
  • Via P.E. Venturini 47
  • 30015 Chioggia (VE) Italia
  • Operational headquarters:
  • Via delle Industrie 7/B
  • SS. Romea 309 (Km.69)
  • 45014 Porto Viro (RO) Italia
  • lat: 45.042671 - long: 12.239102
  • New Logistics Storage Platform:
  • Via Maestri del Lavoro, 820
  • 45019 Taglio di Po (RO) Italia
  • lat: 45.001384 - long: 12.229445

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lat: 45.042671 - long: 12.239102
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